House Cleaning Services in Kochi, Kerala| 5 Amazing Machines That Makes House Cleaning 10x faster.

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Have you ever wondered why you cannot clean your house just like a professional cleaning company clean? Whether it be sofa shampooing or house cleaning services, we all know that cleaning is a time consuming hectic job. Well, it is not anymore after reading through.


Cleaning machines are any kind of machines which help you in cleaning. Basically, there are 5 types of cleaning machines and this post is not going to focus on that. It would be about specific machines that could help you get your job done easily.

Let's get started.


  1. Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

Unlike dry vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners can suck in both fluid and solid into the containers. Most of the vacuum cleaners in the market are wet or dry even though they call it “wet and dry.” The reason for this is that there is a filter to protect the vacuum motor from dust entering the vacuum motor chamber. The dust or particles may clog the motor leaves and damage the motor. The fluid won't get into the vacuum chamber so the filter is not required. So usually what these “wet and dry” vacuum cleaner dealers do is that they suggest to take out the filter when sucking in fluidic wastes so that the filter doesn't get wet. If the filter gets wet, the air flow reduces and when it is time to pull in the solid waste, the vacuum cleaner would show minimum efficiency which is, in turn, a big task for the motor.


There are wet and dry vacuum cleaners which are actually “wet and dry.” In those machines, the filter would be waterproof and these vacuum cleaners would be slightly more costly.


So if you are that lazy person who finds it difficult or is unprofessional in replacing the filter from time to time, you should prefer wet and dry, if not go on and buy wet or dry which does the same job.


Wet and dry speeds up the work 10x because it replaces the dusting and mopping method all at the same time. Dusting and mopping action is achieved at the same time.


How to use it?


Just pour a chemical mixture on the floor, give a reaction time of 5 minutes and wet vacuum it. The floor is new and dry.


Things to check before buying a vacuum cleaner:

  1. If it is wet and dry

  2. If it is having the power of 1200W to 1500W.

  3. If the suction force is minimum of 22kpa.

  4. If the power cable is minimum 5 meters long.

  5. Recommended tank capacity is 30 liters.


2.  Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to saving time, robotic vacuum cleaners are the best.  Robotic vacuum cleaners were first seen on this planet when a Swedish company manufactured it in 1996.  It has been revolutionizing the cleaning industry since then. But it has been only picking up its market in South Asia, especially India, Kerala or the major city Kochi, for only the past 3-4 years. Compared to the usual vacuum cleaner mentioned above, it is expensive for its size and efficiency; but when this fancy robot cleans your house by itself, its a wonder to be watched.


How does it work?

Even though there are different types of robotic cleaners, the basic job it attends to is all the same.

  1. This small machine scans the entire area it has to clean regularly with its cameras and sensors.

  2. Once it understands its boundaries, it generates a cleaning path to be followed.

  3. It charges initially at a charging station and goes back to the station before dying out of charge. It is smart.

  4. It continuously cleans the house and floor cleaning can be almost neglected when you clean the house next time.

  5. It senses objects and moves around the objects without hurting itself or the objects.


We know the robotic automatic cleaning is the advantage of this product, but let us also look into some disadvantages of this product.


  1. It cleans continuously; that is, even when the floor is clean, which is not actually required.

  2. If there are children in the house of less than 5 years of age, there are high chances that they will step on it; same goes for the pets in the house.

  3. It cannot clean anything other than the floor.

  4. The high divisional boundaries between rooms that are above 5 cm cannot be climbed up or down by the machine; that is, stairways cannot be cleaned with it.

  5. It cannot remove hard stains.

  6. It cannot automatically dispose off the small waste container in it.

  7. Since the waste container is small, it has to be attended to regularly, at least once in 2 days depending on the size of the container.


Robotic vacuum cleaner in the house is a time saver for your day-to-day floor cleaning and saves time by cleaning the assigned floor area even when you are at your office thanks to the innovation.


 3.  High-pressure washers.

Even though it takes some time for a beginner to set up the high-pressure washer, it is a great time saver for domestic cleaning. It is a very lesser known fact that the pressure washer is a great tool to clean bathrooms quickly.  Cleaning bathrooms and the wall tiles in it is a great task. All those who have tried it, setting aside their ego, know what I am talking about. It consumes a whole lot of our time when we dedicate to scrub the wall tiles and the spacing between it keenly. The most unfortunate fact about this is we don't get the desired output always. Well, the solution is none other than a domestic or semi-professional pressure-washer with a minimum 120 bar pressure or 1740 psi.

If it has a rotary jet attachment, the work is fun and it finishes in no time.


How to clean faster with the high-pressure washer?


  1. Soak the area to be cleaned with desirable soap, oil or chemical. Leave it there for some time depending on the intensity of dirt to be cleaned. Most of the new pressure washers come with a chemical dispenser with which we can spray the soap on to the surface. Make use of that to save more time.

  2. After giving enough reaction time, to put the high-pressure washer into use, target the dirt and hit the high-pressured water into it. It removes the dirt better than scrubbing.

  3. Wipe down the excessive water on the wall tiles and objects.


With this method using the pressure pump, cleaning can be done 10x faster.

Make sure you don't hit at the power supply with this; that is the only disadvantage I see about pressure washers.


Things to check before buying a pressure washer:

  1. If the pressure is 120 bar or more (1740psi).

  2. If the power supply cable is long enough.

  3. Does it have a rotary head (optional).

  4. How long can it be operated?


So, start using a pressure washer even though it takes some time and effort to set it up for the first time, it’s worth it.


4. Manual Sweeping Machine.

I must say this the most unpopular domestic machine which is of great use. The manual sweeping machine is a sweeper integrated to be a machine. As the name “manual” indicates, it is completely manual and does not need any power. So I must say, this is the most economical machine on a day to day basis, but there are hidden costs.


This is an outdoor machine to collect leaves and other smaller particles. It reduces the working time and working effort a lot by its design.


How to use it:


Just push it over the desired area and it keeps collecting all the leaves and other small particles into its hopper.  Yes, it is that simple!


But there are some disadvantages:


           A. It can be used only on a plain landscape.

           B. The brushes in it are perishable and should be replaced whenever needed.

           C. It can only sweep in a moderate-sized object; that is, it cannot sweep in very small or large objects.

            D. It is not very robust and requires a larger storage space compared to the above machines.


Sweeper machine reduces the time and workload to a very great extent. A single person can finish 5-6 people’s work of sweeping easily. It is a must-have machine if you have a large outdoor area prone to falling leaves.


5.  Steam Cleaner.


High-temperature steam cleaning machines help you in your kitchen. A temperature above 140-degree celsius is suggested for this purpose. Steam cuts down the oil and grease with very little effort. But the sad fact is that there aren’t very many domestic and effective steam cleaners which can be used for the kitchen. The professional ones used by the housekeeping companies in Kochi are best suited for this purpose. This not only cleans but also sanitizes your kitchen, which you would want to have since your kitchen should be the cleanest place in your house after which comes dining room and bedroom. This machine can be also used for sofa cleaning 



  1. Cuts through grease more effectively.

  2. Sterilizes along with the cleaning process.

  3. Easy to cover nooks and corners.

  4. Less hazardous to clean electric devices like cooking oven.

  5. Minimizes scrubbing efforts to a very great extent.

  6. Easy to set up.


Also, there are disadvantages:

  1. Caution - might burn your skin if not properly handled.

  2. Cannot eliminate the scrubbing work completely.

  3. Comes with a bigger price tag compared to all of the above machines.


There you go, that is the list of machines which makes your work easier and increases the speed of your work.