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5 Steps to Make Your Sofa Look New. 5th Step Will Amaze You.

Even though there are many sofa cleaning services and companies, you must know whether they are doing a good job or is it a scam. You might have heard about sofa cleaning or sofa shampooing. What is exactly sofa cleaning or sofa shampooing? Read more to know everything about sofa shampooing.

Even though I would be referring sofa cleaning throughout this blog, all these processes are the same for carpets, beds, couches etc


Step 1. Dry vacuuming

First, we have to deal with the dirt particles and dust on the surface of the sofa. The dust particles are being sucked into a dry vacuum cleaner in the first process. Most people do not give much importance to this step but this is an important step that should not be avoided.

Avoiding this step might get all the particles on the surface of the upholstery to fuse into it which is again pain in the neck. If it is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner make sure that the filter of the vacuum cleaner is put in place. If not the chances are high that the dust particles might enter the vacuum motor leading to reduced life of the motor or even damaging it permanently.

A vacuum cleaner having 22 kiloPascal suction force is recommended for this purpose. More pressure might damage the cloth.


Step 2. Wet Scrubbing

This is the process where you agitate all the dust and dirt on the surface of the upholstery using shampoo. Make sure you use good quality shampoo or products. You don't want to harm yourself, don't you? 3M HD carpet shampoo is a suggested cleaning solution by J-Guard cleaning services provider in Kochi. While scrubbing, make sure you use only soft bristle brushes otherwise there are chances that the upholstery might get damaged. Both manual and mechanized scrubbing is recommended depending on the size and shape of the upholstery.

pH value of the shampoo should be neutral.

Do not scrub the surface dry. You can achieve this by either spraying or soaking the surface of the upholstery before scrubbing with shampoo.


Step3. Wet extraction

Now that all the dirt and dust are agitated, it is time to remove them from the sofa. Again if you are using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner makes sure that you have removed the filter from the bin because you don't want to wet the filter which would lessen the suction power of the machine.

Make sure that the accessory tool of the vacuum cleaner is not damaged and is having sharp edges otherwise that might again damage the upholstery.

The wet extraction process must be done immediately after wet scrubbing so that the drying time can be minimized. Extract as much as you can to dry the Sofa fast.

The transparent accessory is suggested so that we know how much more we have to hold on to a specific area to extract the maximum shampoo out of it.

It is a very satisfying view to watch also.

After this, check the extracted dirty water in the vacuum cleaner to educate ourselves about the importance of shampooing a sofa in every 3 to 6 months.


step 4. Applying perfumed disinfectant.

Sterilizing is an important step that have to be taken after cleaning a sofa. Spraying antiseptic sofa friendly liquids are recommended. If it is perfumed that is even better but make sure that you are not allergic to the perfume or the liquid. Pursue, an Amway product is recommended by cleaning company in kakkanad. Stay Eco-friendly.


Step5. Steaming and double sterilizing

Sterilizing with steam is the most important but underrated step in sofa shampooing. After sucking so much of chemicals, the sofa tend to lose its toughness and tender. Steam expands the sponge inside the sofa and gives back its new feel. It is also a way to sterilize inside out.

Pumping steam at 140-degree Celsius destroys all the bacteria, fungi and germs completely.

It becomes a newborn friendy now.




The whole process takes about 1 to 3 hours per set of sofa depending on many factors like, in case you spilled a coffee or any kinds of stain, wet the area immediately and try to vacuum it and call the company who does the above 5 steps and not just the initial 3 or 4 steps.

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