House Cleaning Services in Kochi, Kerala| 6 Smartest Ways To Maintain Your House Always Clean

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Recently a cleaning service company in Kochi, Ernakulam conducted a survey on why people call professional cleaning services and companies to clean their houses. The study made us classify people into two. One who wants professional touch to their cleaning and the other group of people who couldn't handle the situation of cleaning the whole house. This happens due to lack of regular cleaning and regular cleaning is something that is easy to preach but difficult to be followed.J-Guard professional cleaning company is suggesting you a checklist to reduce the burden of regular cleaning. Read through the article and be enlightened.

Why You Should Maintain Your House Clean:

1. Your house would be guest friendly

Next time the " surprise guests" call and tell you that they are nearby, you won't end up panicking. Your house would be always set to impress the guests.

2. You Would Have No Place for the harmful Micro-Organisms.

Maintaining a neat house which is not bacteria and virus friendly is the goal. Therefore you shall stay more healthy.The more healthy you are, the happier you are. You would also be saving some money.

3. Time Is Something That You Can Save.

A deep cleaning will take more time and energy than a regular cleaning process of a  whole month. Regular Cleaning is a Maintenance tip you will read below.

4. Setting an Example for the Kids

A well maintained clean house reciprocates discipline. The members of that family would be encouraged to be more disciplined in their other aspects of lives as a result.

Step1: Encourage The Kids to do the Chores.

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As kids, it would be the best part of their lives to program habits and discipline. Children should practice cleaning starting from making their bed when they get up in the morning. The kids who do that are found to be smarter at academics because they are trained to be self-sufficient and motivated. Most mothers complain that most of their cleaning time is consumed by cleaning the mess made up by their kids, that's okay if they are under the age of 5. Children above 5 can be trained to do their chores themselves. Below is a list of things children can be trained on.

> To wash their own dishes

>To make the bed every morning

>To polish their own shoes

>Cleaning the table after every meal

>Puting back the toys or things back in place after every use.

Start with these and you shall see tremendous improvements in your kid's performance and also earn some extra time to watch your favourite TV shows. Make sure not to burden the kids with herculean tasks and they would be encouraged if you appreciate them with small rewards.

Step2: Use An Air Purifier To Continuously Suck in Dust and Moulds.

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Air purifiers are becoming popular these days and it removes dust, pollen, allergens and particulate matter of the size up to 0.3 microns.

Carbon filter air purifiers can even remove bad odour and UV-light air purifiers can kill bacteria and viruses also. The right choice or combination of air purifiers is a must in getting the job done. How to select the best air purifier that suits your needs is explained in another blog of J-Guard. 

Air purifiers alone cannot clean the air in your house because the amount of air passing through the air purifier is little compared to the whole air that passes through your house. So proper ventilation and filtering are necessary for good air purification. Ventilation removes the hot air that rises above and this space is filled in by the cold air resulting in good air circulation which is very essential for a healthy environment.

Another natural and most efficient way of purifying the air is by making a garden full of plants and trees near or surrounding your house. After all, plants are the only source of oxygen for us and why not go for it. Maintaining a garden is not a piece of cake but its results are also very satisfying. Click here to read more about types of air purifiers and how to choose an air purifier.

Step3: Use a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to Continuously Clean the Floor.

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In this busy day world where nobody has time to clean the house, we can use a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans the house by itself.  to read our article about how robot vacuum cleaners help to increase cleaning time by 10 times click here. The floor area would be cleaned regularly or even continuously once programmed. This is one way to maintain the floor of the house cleaned forever. Make sure to remove the waste from dust bag once in a while. Even though it was invented in 1996  the popularity has risen in the near future to a very good extent.

Step4: Do the Meditation Cleaning.

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Now, this may sound unfamiliar, but yes it works.  In the movie "Peaceful Warrior" the character Socrates explains how cleaning is an important exercise. Cleaning helps us to be in the moment and it is an exercise of meditation in itself. Cleaning something in the morning after you wake up and something, before you get back to sleep, is just like meditating. This habit helps to maintain your house because you are contributing to a regular cleaning program along with your air purifier and robot.

Step4: Apply Super Hydrophobic Coating Wherever You Can.

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A superhydrophobic coating is a process of applying a superhydrophobic layer on the objects in the house like glass, sofa, carpet, fans, refrigerators, tables etc. that is, almost on everything. As the name explains, it repels water or fluid and the dust particles. The objects are self-cleaning. Glasses, when coated with superhydrophobic substance , doesn't require it to be cleaned any more. If you seem to find minute dust particles sticking on it due to electrostatic force, just pour some water. You don't have to apply soap or even wipe it away. Pouring the liquid is the first and the last procedure of cleaning. After shampooing a sofa if this is applied you can maintain the sofa without cleaning for a much longer period of time. After the initial applying cost this saves you a lot of cleaning costs for months and sometimes years depending on the quality of the product. If you want your things in houses to be hydrophobic-coated, consult J-Guard.

Step5: Assign a Family Cleaning Day at Regular Intervals.

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Just like school sports day, have you ever tried a family cleaning day? The fun here is the rules. Assign each member some space or task according to their calibre. Start the work at the same time. The winner would be decided on the terms of efficiency and time. This is where cleaning is fun and when you look around after the game, its a clean and neat house to be lived in.

Step6: Call a Professional Cleaning Service Provider

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By doing the above steps `you have already achieved the superpower of maintaining the house always clean, but always keep the contact of a housekeeping company in case you miss any of the above steps. A Professional cleaning company can do specific tasks for you like sofa shampooing, whole apartment deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc which would require specific tools like an Industrial vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner which you would not be having handy.   

Go ahead and maintain your house always clean forever. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Let there be Godliness in your beautiful homes. Encourage cleaning and offer a healthy lifestyle to your dear ones.