House Cleaning Services in Kochi, Kerala| 6 Things a Cleaning Supervisor Should Be Aware Of.

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Cleaning services are a blessing in a busy city like Kochi. The conventional cleaning methods( which is still followed in some places) are to call in labours for hourly basis and pay them a lump sum amount.comparing to the professional cleaning company services the conventional method has an advantage over the price at the peripheral view. But the hidden chargers are of course the chemicals machines and supervision. Most of the houses even though they do not have industrial or commercial cleaning machines and tools they would be having some domestic cleaning machines, which can be used for their cleaning purposes. The only thing they would be lacking would be a good knowledgable supervisor. Now, this is a common question that what is there to learn to be a cleaning supervisor. Well, a lot. We at J-Guard cleaning company Train supervisors systematically and technically so that they are familiar with all the know-how of this underrated yet most valuable service. This is where a professional cleaning company marks its value comparing the conventional labour system. Satisfaction is what you can buy from a professional cleaning company like j-guard cleaning services in Kochi, Kerala.


The following steps don't teach you “how?” but what all a supervisor should be aware of.


The supervisor should be aware of the following


1.How to Quote a Price Doing a Site Visit.


The supervisor is the one who has the direct contact with the valuable customer.most of the works can be priced over the phone but there arrises occasion where direct site visit and customised pricing should be provided. A supervisor who doesn't know how to price is less of an asset to the company. The price shouldn't be a burden for the client by over quoting or a burden for the company by under quoting.


2.Knowledge About Cleaning Chemicals


The wrong chemical at the wrong place in the wrong quantity would either affect the cleaning efficiency or damage the surface to be cleaned completely. For example, using acid on marble is not recommended and using turpentine on wax would fade its colour of the coated area. Always be sure the supervisor is well trained about chemicals they are going to use. Lack of knowledge about chemicals also leads to overuse of chemicals which again causes a loss for the company. Read Facts About Acid Wash That You Did Not Know 


3.Knowledge About All the Cleaning Products and Assets of the Company.

Many a time company faces loss when the supervisors or staff forget the company’s asset, that is the tools at the work site. It can be a part of vacuum cleaner or nozzle of a steam cleaner. Which not only costs a fortune but also affects the next work on the schedule. Make sure the company has a checklist of all the products and chemicals it owns to stop losing tools and materials.

4.Know How to Maintain Staff

Many times the supervisor's major job would be taken care of the staff. To check if they are working good enough. pushing too much or being too lenient would be a problem completing the tasks at a given time. Conflicts between the staff should be solved immediately without affecting the customer or the work given by the client.


5.Know to Drive

A supervisor who can drive is an extra asset to the company.driving is very much necessary to do site visits as well as to pick and drop staff from work site to the company. Relying on an external source for transportation is not recommended.


6.Strong Soft Skills.

After all the client would be judging the company by seeing the supervisor alone. Of the person is good at speaking and responsive to all the requirements of the client's company’s name is being uplifted. A supervisor should be always polite.


Supervisors can be trained but if the company can identify skilled labour who has managerial skills can be developed as a supervisor. professional cleaning or sofa shampooing is not yet a glamorous job and people tend to hesitate to join such jobs in Kerala. Companies tend to hire people without the above skills in desperation to hire a supervisor and end up getting a backlash. Always choose a supervisor wisely to avoid any damages to the company because they are the face of any professional cleaning company.