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One character from the uber-famous English series "F.R,I,E.N,D,S", which we cannot deny when it comes to cleaning and maintaining things in order is Monica Geller! As much as each one of them cracks you up, Monica was undeniably the person who had to do with bringing the whole gang together to her clean, tidy, ordered and in turn welcoming apartment in the New York City and crack you up together.

Still wondering who Monica is? Monica Geller was a character in the super successful and super hilarious English series called "F.R,I,E.N,D,S" featured as that one friend amongst five others, who was super obsessed with cleaning and keeping things in order. You will get to know a lot about her here. There are several reasons one must look up to her. Although being a meticulous cleaner herself, she does have a secret which she does not want us to know and which she thinks would wreck her perfect image. But who doesn't have querks and it is all about learning from those and abstaining from following those.

J-Guard professional cleaning services in Kochi suggests us to borrow a few tips from her in order to make our living spaces much more welcoming and let people into our lives and get life going. We surely don't want our loved ones to reluct from visiting us and inturn us ending up as a loner.

1. Awareness about the potential hazards of unhygienic living space.

2. A great plan for the cleaning routine.

3. Purchase the right  type of cleaning equipments, right products and make sure you are dressed right or know the cleaning service providers that can do it all for you.

4. Initiate the cleaning process from small to big.

5. Bring order to the things and belongings.

6. Promise to try to not make a mess again :P, which is hard because when cleaning is so much fun, why wouldn't you want to.

Points Monica Swore By:

1: Awareness about the potential hazards of unhygienic living space.

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 If we won't have a purpose for cleaning, we would not do it right. We need to strive to be a meticulous cleaner, being aware of the potential hazards that an unhygienic living space can bring in. An unclean space is a breeding ground for several harmful microorganisms including several bacteria and viruses which can be life-threatening as well in the long run. Keeping in mind about the well-being of our loved ones, we should make cleaning an important aspect of our routine.

Moreover, cleaning is quoted as a cathartic experience as even claimed by "Cathy" from the book, "The Girl On The Train" by "Paula Hawkins", as it calms down our mental system by keeping us distracted from unwanted noises in our mind and there is greater scope for individual development in a clean and ordered environment.

2: A great plan for the cleaning routine.

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Now that we are aware of the importance of cleaning in our lives, we should come up with a great plan for the cleaning routine, If planned right, things fall in place easier and the cleaning process can be carried out easily. J-Guard cleaning services have previously explained how one can carry out our cleaning process easily by even including our family members by conducting a fun family cleaning day in here

Any sort of task, irrespective of its magnitude, can attain its ultimate aim of being accomplished perfectly only if it is planned meticulously. This universal truth needs to be followed in cleaning as well. Few points to keep in mind while drafting a plan are listed below:

* Making yearly, monthly and weekly plans for cleaning routine would be a good practice.

* List down the cleaning products and types of equipment by conducting a good research and find one cleaning company for you as well because you never know when one would need an emergency cleaning session.

Make sure that your cleaning equipments are thoroughly cleaned as well, about which Monica was very much particular, This is because you don't want the germs on them to assist you in the very next cleaning sessions. In the long run, you can consider replacing at a broader interval of time, to wear out.

* Try allocating chores to the family members, kids as well, making the process a delight.

* Draft the plan in a fun manner to make it appealing to everyone, especially kids which can drive them enthusiastically into the cleaning process. You can use sketch pens, color tapes, etc. Stick it up on the wall.


3: Purchase Right.

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Purchase the right cleaning equipment, right products and make sure one is dressed right or know the cleaning company that can do it all for you. It is really important to bring in home the right products and take safety measures while cleaning. Make sure that the products used for cleaning purpose are for human's uninhibited sustenance, by also keeping in mind the health of toddlers and elderly people or diseased members if any. We can employ aprons and masks for personal masking to inhibit alien particles from making way into our system to a good extent.

We can always rely on machines for cleaning to speed up things for us. JGuard tells us how we can rely on machines to improve our speed to a great extent here

4: Initiate the cleaning process from small to big.

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It is always a good idea to start small which eventually will end up big. Find that one corner in ur living space to kickstart your cleaning process and follow the masterplan you drafted. Start with ordering things on the table, shelf and folding up clothes and tidying up the cupboards. Clean up your dirty utensils and order things at your kitchen. Make sure you dry them up before placing them back onto the rack. Then start off with the major cleaning process of brooming or vacuuming, scrubbing and washing and many more. Follow this pattern or as the one furnished in your cleaning routine plan you drafted.

Include your family members including your kids as well and assign them corners to be cleaned and if the work is divided, it becomes easier and interesting. The finish would be much satisfying and also doing so a sense of responsibility to keep the place tidier is imparted upon every other person in your family. As a result, there will be a lesser mess when you will encounter your next round of cleaning.

5: Bring order to the things and belongings.

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Make it the rule of your kingdom to "Keep Things In Order".The whole universe strives for order and stability. So should we. Moreover, if things are kept in order at our place, chances are people are less tempted to distort the order and rather join in our ordering process when compared to a living space where there lay things distorted and misplaced. People will not be affected by the guilt factor of not keeping the place tidy and themselves contribute all the more to the mess. You can choose to have posters which support tidiness as a reminder. But make sure you do not want to appear a little too much to your people. Keep it sane.

6: Not Again.

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We all know that "Not Again" is a myth, even for the uber civilized of them all to not get some dirt here and there at our living spaces. So the best we can do is strive to maintain it clean at the best of our will and capacity and if still things fall apart, we always have our cleaning routines or the cleaning company we look up to, at our vicinity.

One Secret Monica Doesn't Want Us To Know

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We all are now quite aware of the fact how meticulous of a cleaner Monica Geller was and how particular she was about keeping things in order and how she strived on a   daily basis to keep her apartment in New York City devoid of any cleanliness-shortcomings. We are all in utmost praises of her at how she creates a welcoming aura for her friends.


 J-Guard doesn't want us to borrow this one querk side she has to her with her hiding all the junk in a secret store, devoid of everyone else's knowledge. Monica surely didn't want us to know about this. Well, we should take a lesson from her and should strictly follow the policy of keeping only those stuff that are required to us and throw away the unwanted, which will do nothing but aid in the cleaning process and save us  from the embarrassment of being found out by any of our surprise guests, especially the kids who would invade into your privacy out of their innocence and restlessness. We all have been there.


J-Guard professional cleaning company encourages us to bring into our lives, the Monica essence, by becoming a meticulous cleaner and making our living spaces genuinely livable by creating the aura one strives for. We awaken the Monica in us and Voila we have a neat, tidy, hygienic and yet welcoming living space. Happy Cleaning Folks!