House Cleaning Services in Kochi, Kerala| How to Actually Choose a Professional Cleaning Company for Apartment Cleaning Services?

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How to Actually Choose a Professional Cleaning Company to Clean Your Apartment?


How to Upgrade from s Normal cleaning company to a PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE PROVIDER 

Professional cleaning companies are the companies that clean your house, office, apartments etc for a fixed price. Usually, companies come up with Team consisting of four to five people if it is in 3 BHK apartment. and there would be a supervisor for sure. The supervisor would be responsible for all the things from the starting to the finishing of the cleaning work. The workers can be expatriates or natives depending on the company. The professional cleaning company in Kochi, Kerala, India would be having a uniform. A company without a uniform cannot be considered as A professional cleaning company, that's the least they could do.


Pre Cleaning Steps For Professional Cleaners


  1. Site Inspection.

Prior to cleaning The site has to be inspected. the time where is a supervisor or company representatives would come inspect your apartment, flat, house, office etc to identify the scope of work. During this time the type of cleaning to be done would be identified.


    2. Pricing of the cleaning work.

Pricing can be done in the following ways

  • Based on the floor sqft area of the apartment to be cleaned

  • Based on the number of  required staff

  • Based on the requirement of cleaning machines and operators

  • Based on time (hourly charge.

  • Based on the number of furniture and upholsteries in case of sofa cleaning service. click here to know how sofa cleaning service is provided


   3. Preparation and handing over the quotation.

Once the pricing is done what is the time to handover the quotation to the client. It should be made sure that the pricing is for the value of the cleaning service. The quotation can be passed through an email or direct by hands on the comfort of the customer. The quotation should include the scope of work, the terms and conditions and of course quoted price.

Transparency and clarity in quotation would make it easier for you to close the sale. I to avoid all hidden charges.


   4. Preparation for the perfect cleaning.

Now it is the time to check the checklist.

  1. Machine Check

Cleaning machines help us to speed up a cleaning process but you can never predict when the machine would cheat you. show the symbol Mac defensive mechanism is to be prepared. Check if all the cleaning machines working properly. Cleaning machines include vacuum cleaners, extraction machines, floor scrubbing machines. high-pressure washers and ground sweeping machine.

You should make sure that all the machines are working properly. you don't want to embarrass yourself and your company with a nonfunctional machine at a customer’s place. make sure that is working properly and attend to all the maintenance work before you leave for the work.


  2. Chemical check.

Just like cleaning machines right cleaning Chemicals helps us to finish the cleaning work as soon as possible. Knowledge about the right chemical is essential for that. Professional cleaning companies should check if the Chemicals are always in stock. Cleaning chemicals are of different types.

some examples are glass cleaning chemicals, floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, toilet ceramic cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, wood cleaners, dishwashing chemicals etc.


There is many soap chemical selling company. professional cleaning company who prepare soap for themselves. In that case, the right PH value should be checked. variation in pH values may cause allergens to the clients.


Try to use natural or eco-friendly cleaning chemicals Which are least harmful to the kids or newborns.


    3. Tools and Tackle’s Check.


Wet Mop, Dry Mop, microfiber cloth, hard Brush, Soft Brush, scrubbing pad, different types of brushes, glove, masks etc comes under tools and tackles section. These are the stuff that should be maintained hygienically. then they are things that get dirty easily. a professional cleaning company to come into their premises like the house with dirty products. So make sure all the tools are clean and replaced periodically.



Cleaning steps.


Different companies have a different approach for cleaning. But the most effective method is the top to down method. In this method, the cleaning starts from the top of the house or the building. that is the cleaning away of cobwebs followed by cleaning of fans then lights and the process moves towards down. Each staff would be assigned a room or a specific task which would be monitored by the supervisor. The staff would be trained beforehand. that is the one reason it is called a professional cleaning company.


The things that would be cleaned would be already mentioned in the quotation which was prepared after the site inspection. Now all that matters is how they are going to prioritize the cleaning method.

Sometimes which chemical would be applied on the surfaces to be cleaned and be given reaction time so that the dirt comes out easily when scrubbed. this improves the efficiency of the cleaning. It also ensures a much lesser time.


The cleaning procedures would vary from places to places, from time to time, and depending on the type of dirt. The only thing that we can confirm for sure is the team would cover the whole area and leave you with a smile on your face.


We would be coming out with more blogs on cleaning specific things like upholstery and furniture.

Generic name starts with Dusting of things, Then scrubbing of dirt . and collecting the whole. It can either be manual scrubbing or mechanized scrubbing odd even the integrated cleaning of both manual and mechanized using a vacuum cleaner. Usually dusting would be done with a mild or soft brush, while scrubbing would be done using a hard brush or a hard pad.

Professional cleaning company would clean your house or property even when you are away from it. That you would be able to come back to a house which is always neat and clean. Most of the professional training companies can be trusted in this.

The staff would be having police verification certificate which you can demand in case your the doubtful Thomas.


Usually, the work would be assigned to be done in 8 hours per day. Deep cleaning may take 1 to 2 days to complete. so be patient. in case of urgent requirement make sure you let the company know that you wanted urgently so that they can assign more staff to speed up the work.


Post cleaning step.


Congrats, the cleaning has been done. But the process hasn't. Now it is time for the kind to inspect the house or property they will value the work of the professional cleaning company and they come to the conclusion if they are satisfied.  what mostly happens that the client finds one or two errors which the company can rectify at that moment itself.

so keep that in mind spare some time to allocate a post-cleaning step. If the client is allergic to perfumes do not apply perfume. you ask your concern about this.


Now that you have corrected all the suggestions it's time to get paid. the service charge of 18% would be added in the quotation. Make the Transaction by hand or through Bank. Ask for feedback and try to incorporate that at the next work. If the customer is interested in AMC- annual maintenance contract gives more details on that. the customer is always the king and makes him happy.


There are feedback platforms like Google Maps through which client give a genuine feedback. Highest rated companies will be always preferred by the next client.If the client life the service and is very impressed with the work of the professional cleaning company please recommend in your friend's circle.


Some Thing Extra.


It is always recommended to hire a professional cleaning company to clean your house spic and span. professional know how to clean every type of cloth that we may not be aware of. regular cleaning of houses officers flats apartments good keeps them more maintenance friendly. Upholstery-like sofa and bed should be shampooed and steamed regularly to stay away from seasonal fungal diseases. Professional steam cleaning is rare but J-Guard Cleaning company gives importance to that. wish you all a happy and healthy life.