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How To Remove Hard Stains From Carpets?

Stains, wherever it is ,however it is, is a big head ache. Imagine your very good friend comes into your house and her daughtter spills tea on your newly bought italian carpet. You would be in a situation where you cannot express your emotions right. I know you would be worries about how this could cleaned.Donot worry i am here to explain how to clean your carpet by your self without getting help from a professional uplholestry shampooing /cleaning company in kochi,ernakulam. Read through.

Step 1: Soak the affected area with water.

Donot wait for your guest to leave the house. Rush towards kitchen and take  some water and pour on to the affected area.many of our clients call us weeks after the incident. The leaves the stain to fuse with the carpet. The only way to remove at that point would be extreme steam treatment meausres by the professional cleaning companies like <a href="">J-Guard sofa/carpet shampoo cleaning services<a/>.

Step2: Place a dry cloth or tissue paper on the area affected.

This step would avoid a mess and suck up the most of the stain liquid which has not settled down into the carpet threads. Make sure you dont keep the tissue paper on the carpet back leaving behind a  new spot. There would be some resedue of stain still. Dont worry Read the next step.

Step 3: Sprinkle some baking soda.

Baking soda or pappada karam (malayalam) would aggitate the the stain from it root. This is the most chemicsl free method to remove any sorts of stains from the surface of an upholestry. Now you can continue talking the the guests et the baking powder stay ove night.

Step 4:Let some natural acid play its magic trick.

The magician is lemon .Cut the lemon  and squeeze out the natural acid directly on to the baking soda which was applied on the stain affected area. You shall notice some effervences. A bubbling reactoin on your carpet.

Step 5: Suck it

Remove or pull out the mixture of baking soda , tea stainf and lemon using a wet and dry Vacuum cleaning machine. Make sure its a Wet and dry vacuum cleaner. I shall be soon explaining different kinds of vacuum cleaner in coming blogs. So now the carpet is dry and new.


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