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How to start a housekeeping company?

How to start a Cleaning Company? Is Cleaning Company profitable? how to start sofa shampooing company in kochi ?After the company J-Guard Professional Cleaning Services was found people flooded me with similar questions.

Here are the explanations for these. J-guard Professional cleaning company always had and will be promoting competitor entry in to the cleaning market. With competitors we believe that the market grows. today the number of cleaning companies in Kochi , Ernakulum alone is 115 companies up to the date. Well are all these companies running smoothly? Surprisingly a majority of the companies are doing well. Don’t be happy hearing this know why other minority isn’t doing well .

Cleaning company is a company which can be started off with minimum investment at an initial study. Before you jump into a conclusion is it a business you can carry out persistently?

The key factors for running a successful company are Man Machine and Materials. There is another key factor which is a secret. We can let you know that only   secretly, just give us a call. J-guard has helped many companies to set up their company initially by training them and giving the right market information.

The right amount and skilled staff is very necessary. Would you train your staff after employing them? Where would you train them? Who can be trusted? Is the sort of questions you should ask yourself? Get the right team and half the job is done. In every team a manager and supervisor is a must.

I shall be writing a blog on machines and materials soon . stay tuned and message us to know more. Let me conclude by answering this question.

Question: How profitable is a House keeping Company?

Answer:  With the amount of investment you are ready to invest the amount varies. But to satisfy you I can say starting a housekeeping company is more profitable than starting a stationary car wash service. You get a wider field of customers with a facility management company than a car was canter.

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