House Cleaning Services in Kochi, Kerala| New Cleaning Resolutions For 2019

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Its NEW YEAR time and what comes to our minds when we hear the word “new year”? Yes, definitely it is also time for our resolution time. More often we find that we make resolutions but find a hard time to stick to it.  J-Guard Professional cleaning company in Kochi wanted to know our clients view on this. So we decided to pool in suggestions and opinion about our clients on making resolutions related to “CLEANING”. We conducted a small interview session after each of our cleaning services and here is what we got.


1. To do dishes before going to bed.

This is the resolution of 30-year-old Mrs Mary who is a Doctor. After the apartment cleaning services in Kochi we offered to her, She shared that her major problem was to see the undone dishes from the previous night. It is always good to wake up to a hassle-free morning to do nothing but look at the sunshine and sip a cup of your favourite coffee.

           We also helped her to choose the scrubbing pad and liquid and set alarm for her to remind her of her new task.


2. Never step into the house using outdoor shoes again


After our house cleaning services in Aluva, Mr Moideen shared his new year resolution regarding cleaning. It was the simple but yet very important resolution. To not bring his shoes that he uses outside to indoor. His carpet was stained with boot marks which we cleaned with our carpet cleaning package. But prevention is better than cure. We really appreciate his initiative to bring about a change. He was entering his house with not only dirt but also different kinds of diseases into the house.

If you are someone like Mr Moideen from Aluva you better take this resolution. Start small. One step at a time.


3.always clean the comb after combing

Mrs Anu said she would clean her comb after combing each time. This might sound funny but it isn't as you think. After the “flat cleaning services in Kochi” at her flat when we asked her about her resolution she said she has been struggling with this problem. Her husband hates to see her falling hair on the comb and floor. J-Guard could handle the floor but comb was not in our priority list. We wish Mrs Anu all the best and Thank her for sharing her “not so cool” resolution with us.


4. Stop eating inside the car.


Mr Rahul decided not to eat here after in his i20 car. Sofa cleaning at Calicut house was requested by Rahul to J-Guard. After shampooing sofa he said there were ants inside his car and he had no clue how to get rid of it. He had tried many pest-control methods but none had worked out properly. We thought to give it a try. There wasn't anything on the floor or hood. We searched even further and guess what we found the piece of lollypop Mr Rahul’s son has left back under the car carpet. The hungry ants were after that. After a thorough steam cleaning, we asked our question- What is your New year solution sir? As expected he said, “ I'll never eat inside the car and I would discourage anyone who tries to do that”. All the best Rahul lets move on to a more hygienic year.


5. Eat at the dining table only


This is a similar resolution as of Mr Rahul’s. Mrs Indira after the sofa cleaning in Kottayam by j-guard said this resolution- to eat only on the dining area, that too on the dining chair. she was surprised to see the food particles when we dry vacuumed her sofa as an initial step to steam sterilization. This seems to be like a common problem. We could recover her sofa. But resolution not only saved the sofa but was also a great step in helping her kids to develop some discipline.

Studies show that eating at a particular place at the same time every day improves your digestion. Let's make a decision like Mrs Indira to not to eat on couches.


6. Clean the cleaning equipment before cleaning


This was our favourite new year resolution by Mr Mohith. Mr Mohith is a chartered accountant but he finds cleaning to be one of his hobbies. After the Villa cleaning service in Aluva at his place, we were keen to know about his resolution. Being our regular customer we knew his interest in maintaining his house a “bright house”.He said that he felt his laziness for not cleaning the cleaning equipment before cleaning has reduced the cleaning efficiency of his.

J-guard professional cleaning company also focusses on clean cleaning equipment. You can read our blog on how to maintain your cleaning equipment clean for more details. We appreciated Mr Mohit and moved on to house cleaning services in Kottayam.

This is a must take a resolution. Without a piece of clean cleaning equipment, you are never cleaning. Says, clean guru.


7.Clean the AC filter every month


Mr Shibin knew exactly the importance of air quality and how a clogged air conditioner filter would damage the quality of air in the room. We cleaned his ac filter for free after the hydrophobic coating and sofa cleaning service in Kochi we had. Air quality is something that many of us are not aware of. There are deaths across the world due to bad air quality. The indoor air quality is 5 times worse than the external one. Do ventilate your houses once in a while. Let's give importance to clean air like Shibin this New year.


8. Call a professional cleaning company to do a deep cleaning every 3 months


That was a hilarious comment passed to us by Mr Joseph. But yes he is a person who calls us to deep clean his house every 3 months. He tells that J-Guard cleaning company is a big help for him. He finds it difficult to find time to clean his house. Even though this resolution might seem like a joke if followed you can maintain your property for longer period clean and neat. The hygienic environment helps you eat a healthy life. And professional cleaning companies know how to clean where to clean and how well to handle the waste. Call up a cleaning company every 3 months as your new -New year resolution. Learn the types of cleaning in our blogs.


9. Burn wastes in incinerators only


Mr Vasu has this amazing resolution for 2019 that he will use an incinerator to burn the waste rather than dumping in landfills or using other unscientific disposal methods. An incinerator burns the waste without producing any smoke or gases that have a particulate matter of sizes greater than a certain amount mentioned by the pollution board. Incinerators are cheap compared to other waste disposal methods like building a biogas plant. They are flexible, movable, and easy to use and require low maintenance. These incinerators use its special design to burn the waste by using oxygen in the air and does not require other fuels.


We the J-Guard professional cleaning company wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous 2019 to all our clients and wellwishers.