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J-guard Professional cleaning company in Kochi introduces Super hydrophobic Nano Coating to keep your car, furniture true protected. Avail the cleaning services and coating services from J-Guard Professional ceaning company in Kochi.


Ring Ring...Our Company Phone rang, It was the customer who we just served that day morning. She had requested for sofa cleaning services in her apartment at kakkanad, Kochi and Our cleaners had given the service at its best. She had also given a good feedback on our Google”My Business” reviews.


Our Operation Manager attended the call.

Hello, Good afternoon Mam - J Guard Professional Cleaning Services here.

The client was a little worried. The sofa which we shampoo cleaned and steam sterilized that morning was destroyed by a spill of tea. Our customer immediately did something to get rid of the stain and it worsened the condition. She wanted our help. Usually cleaning companies are least bothered about such issues but we took this incident with great seriousness because this wasn't the first time the similar incident was occurring. Usually, after a deep cleaning service, the sofa would look brand new but it does not require much time to spoil the new look especially if there are kids or pets. Being the professional cleaning company, J-Guard wanted to identify a permanent solution for this problem. Towards the end of this quest, J-Guard Professional cleaning services providers reached a conclusion. To introduce the superhydrophobic coating.


What is super Hydrophobic coating?

A nanolayer which repels almost all liquids is known as Super Hydrophobic coating. Just like a Lotusleaf, it holds the water without sinking into or spreading across. Just a blow of mere gravity would be necessary to remove the Liquid from the surface.

This is not a technical blog, all the details given further is to introduce the concept of coating and protecting our properties.

How can Super Hydrophobic coating help me?

Well in an article on 6 Smartest Ways To Maintain Your House Always Clean I have introduced you about this. It helps your house to remain clean always. 

Let us take the case of a toilet.

Toilet cleaning is a hectic task as we all know, imagine someone always cleaning it for you every second. yes, it is possible, the hydrophobic coating helps you. before knowing how, let us learn about a few types of stains or cleaning works in a toilet.

In Toilets the Major stains are watermarks, these are caused due to the mineral deposition and these minerals are from the water. now you know why it is also known as watermarks. These are normally formed on ceramics and tiles.

the next important thing to attend is the stainless steels in the room. 

and towards the end comes the glasses. all these things are accumulating some dust of watermarks. 

The Superhydrophobic coating prevents all these stains to start forming. how does it feel to have an "always clean toilet"?

Amazing isn't it? ask us for a quotation to do your work.

Upholestry Coating is one major advantage in case of the above-explained scenario. The superhydrophobic coating shows magic in this case. whatever liquid it may be, tea, ketchup, sauce you name it, the upholstery is safe from it all.

The most important thing to be noticed before coating it should be that the surface should be deep cleaned. or else the stain would be the one protected.

Where all it can be applied?

Anything and everything in your house. from wood to glass, from clothes to metals it can be applied but know that for each material there is a different type of coating. leave it to the professional cleaners for the best result. each type of chemical has its own life

The dustless fan

In recent times in Kerala, India there are many types dustless fans introduced into the market by various companies. The usual ceiling fans accumulate dust in a very short period of time, but these dustless fans are very efficient and almost does not accumulate specks of dust at all. Interested in replacing your ceiling fans? but it would be costly. Thanks to the coating J-guard cleaning company has, You can apply these coating on your fan right away to make it a dustless fan with no hassles. 

Car Ceramic Coating

This product was first introduced as a car ceramic coating like coating and it is the best product you can buy to protect the car and its parts from scratching or even fire. once applied your car washing costs comes down drastically. you just have to pour some water to see the water sliding away along with the dirt on the car. no stubborn dirt, grease, a liquid can stay on the car paint. the coating gets rid of all these with no effort.

This coating not only protects the car paint but also gives a glossy shiny showroom look. drive a new car to your office every day. Call us to know more.