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How to Clean Your Cleaning Tools?

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As important as the cleaning of our surroundings or premises or our belongings sound, equally important is the very act of cleaning the tools and tackles employed in the process of cleaning.

To state the obvious, an instance from our day-to-day life can be borrowed, as to why we do not expect our doctors or nurses to inject us with the needle used on the patient ahead of us in the quee or to either stick a thermometer with the previous patient's intimates on it.As horrifying as it sounds, it is the same when it comes to cleaning.


Used tools and machineries are breeding grounds for several microbes and carrying them to the next customer's place would make us nothing less than a transporter of disease causing microorganisms, stealing from us the role of a cleaning service caterer. This is the very reason why we at J-Guard Professional Cleaning Company make sure that  our tools are as good as new prior to every knock on the client's door  because we have the sole motive of “cleaning” and do not believe in going off track, slandering the very role of performing the act of cleaning.

J-Guard Professional Cleaning Company cater cleaning services across Kochi including the infamous sofa cleaning services.Our cleaning service in fact does not end there.After apartment cleaning or office cleaning or sofa shampooing, we have our own set of cleaning process. The process of cleaning our own cleaning tools will be detailed in the following.Lets us dive in to get acquainted with the importance of cleaning of cleaning tools and machines.


Why should we maintain our cleaning machines and tools clean and tidy?


An impression is the one word if you ask so. Creating an impression on a client is important to build a good relationship with them. A customer does not want a “professional” cleaning company stepping into their houses with an untidy set of cleaning machines and cleaning tools which if happens would contradict  the sole purpose of the company which is cleaning and supporting the whole idea of cleanliness.The first impression actually lasts. But there is another important reason why you should always carry a neat toolset is that you do not want to add up to unclean premises that you are going to clean. Cleaning with a clean tool would actually speed up the process of cleaning.In addition to that, a cleaner tool would imbibe the introduction of germs to a new environment thus saving the customer and members from any risk of pathogenic attack. Moreover it is always the best of practise to initiate anything with a good amount of freshness and thus cleaning the tools make sense.


You would be learning how to clean the following tools and machines employed in the cleaning process in this article. If you have further queries please feel free to share it with us through


How to clean:-

1.Microfiber clothes

2.Cobweb sweeper (corn bristles)

3.All sorts of brushes

4.Vacuum cleaners

5.Feather dusters



How to clean Microfiber Clothes?

Every passionate cleaner’s friend - Microfiber cleaning clothes are one of the most useful cleaning products when it comes to table sweeping and glass wiping.Microfiber clothes get themselves stained at the microfiber level and can be cleaned the best by washing them with mild hot water in a mixture of mild soap solution. Do make sure not to add fabric softener to the solution of hot water and soap.

Dry it and do not iron it.

And there you have a brand new microfiber cloth ready to work for you relentlessly and assist you until the next round of cleaning.


How to clean Cobweb Sweeper?

This witch’s magical vehicle is best used by mutants to clean cobwebs from ceilings and walls.This can be best cleaned by soaking it in a bucket of soap solution to loosen the dirt .Comb the hairy head of the brush using an old comb brush and you can see all the tangled cobwebs and particles getting out of the tool leaving it clean to impress your next customer.Do not forget to dry before the next cleaning process.


How to clean All Types of Cleaning Brushes?

You can use a pen or any sharp object to clean through the bristles and if that is not working, then you can put it in a vinegar solution or soap solution and give it some time to soak. After 10 to 15 minutes, take it outside the solution and carry out the previous method with a sharp object.

If both of these methods are not working, then you should probably replace the brush because using such brushes can reduce the efficiency of cleaning.


How to clean Vacuum Cleaners?


Machine maintenance is a very important section in any company so is the case of a vacuum cleaner.

The steps to clean a vacuum cleaner are:

1. Remove the filter and brush it so that all the dust is removed.

2. Clean the container using soap oil and dry it so that the filter does not get wet.

3. Wipe the outer body of the vacuum cleaner so that it looks brand new.

4.In the case of SANI filters, it is washable and thus keeping the filter clean increases the suction force and air flow thereby increasing the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.


How to clean Feather Dusters?

Well as the name suggests this is the most dustiest of them all.The only way to clean this is to vacuum it. Any type of washing would damage the dust feathers.


We now know the importance of cleaning the tools employed in the cleaning process apart from the process itself as to how it can impact health and customer experience. People are at times ignorant of the fact as to how important it is to maintain the cleanliness of the tools and machineries. This is all part of the act of perfect cleaning.We shall always strive to make cleanliness a part of us by being aware of all the aspects of it. Make it a point to clean the tools as discussed above.

But if you believe in relying on a cleaning company, do reach out to J-Guard Professional Cleaning Company where cleanliness is the sole motive whether it be your building or living space or office space or the tools and tackles they employ.